Welcome to Dallas Sensual Rubs!

Laura and DawnWe seek to bring you balance of mind, body and spirit. We offer sensual mutual touch experiences designed to heighten all your senses and cater to your deepest desires. We consider ourselves sensualists at the highest measure. If you are looking for a bit of warmth, familiarity and stress relief in your  stressful world, you have stumbled upon the right place.

What we are not is Licensed Massage Therapists. We do more than work the kinks out of your problem areas. Anyone can do that. What we offer is a sensory experience, one that can only be enjoyed with a certain level of intimacy and attraction. Mutual touch allows for you to become one with a sensualist; body to body contact offers a transfer of positive energy between you and your sensualist.

We are also not a spa. Our location is not some cold, bare room. We have designed our location to be all the comforts you need. Luxurious furnishings, beverages of all kinds, music of all kinds in a wonderful part of town that will put you at ease. Our ladies also travel to different parts of the metroplex, still offering you the best amenities and luxury locations. Join our mailing list to find out where your favorite sensualist will be!

Though our ladies work independently of each other, a Four Hand experience is unforgettable! They have great chemistry together, and they are both wonderful at picking up on the direction you would like to take the experience. These ladies are creative, intuitive, and their goal is to give you an unrushed, fulfilled experience that you are sure to enjoy again and again.

Intimately yours,